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Solar Thermal Water Heating Typical Package

Below is an example of the parts that are required to install a solar thermal water system in your home:

1. Cylinder
2. Solar Panels (Solar Lux Evacuated Tube or Flat Plate Collectors)
3. Solar Pump Station
4. Solar Controller
5. Heat Trasfer Fluid (glycol)
6. Expansion Vessel
7. Automatic Air Vent
8. Choice of Roof Fixings

At Globe Solar we use only the best quality parts available to install solar thermal water heating in your home  from our two suppliers Worcester and Valliant. 

In order to give you an exact quote for the installation of solar thermal heating in your home we will need to come to your home to asses this for you. We will discuss with you the best options for you and whether we feel an evacuated tube collector or flat plate collector will be more suited to your particular home.


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